More sobering information

So my dad’s situation is very critical right now. Bacterial tests came back positive for his blood. The antibiotics started yesterday have decreased his temp to basically normal. The oncologist started him on one additional antibiotic (a triple dose) to work hard at the bad stuff attacking his blood. It will take another day to determine what specific strain we’re dealing with. Lee’s job right now is to drink lots of fluids. Lots and lots. Plus take his pills when we tell him. And no flack back at the caretakers… like that will happen.

We’re watching for changes in body temperature, dizziness, disorientation/coherence. His coughing has increased but that’s a good thing, according to the nurse, since it’s helping to move things out of his lungs. The nurse from his primary doctor called to check in and provided a wealth of additional information and phone #’s for late evening questions. Basically, if anything changes he needs to get taken directly to ER. Sepsis of the blood really doesn’t sound like a fun route to take. We would all like to avoid that one!

Maybe tomorrow we’ll learn all the info about the bacteria.

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4 thoughts on “More sobering information

  1. I am stunned they didn’t keep him at the hospital on Sunday, I know you all are keeping better track than he’d have there, but…Love to Lee and all of you, Jean

    1. The pneumonia was low grade on Sunday. We didn’t have the other culture information available until 3:45am Monday morning (poor kim got the call). The hospital really didn’t want to admit him with his suppressed immune system. He can catch way too many other things while being there. today, hopefully will be uneventful….. we would like that!

  2. Coughing may increase with more fluids, agree with the nurse that loosening up can be a positive. What’s the status of Dave’s trip?

    1. He will return on the 21st. Seems like an eternity but we will manage as long as the patient keeps improving. 🙂

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