Staying stable

Last night was calm for Lee. Kim had a bit of a fight concerning one thing that happened, but this morning he seems alright. He’s coherent, asking about pertinent things happening today: my dropping Dave off at PDX for a flight to China, his granddaughters job interview this morning, and even a request for two boning knives from IKEA (which happens to be right by the airport).

He has a low temp this morning, fairly stable on his feet, taking his pills as directed, getting the morning coffee on his own. He has no interest in food but realizes he needs to eat. That could be a minor fight today. Maybe I’ll pick up some frozen meatballs at Ikea and bring them to Eugene before heading home. Bland…. kind of what he might like.

Hopefully more lab results will surface today.

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Staying stable

  1. Thinking of you and hoping your day has gone as well as could be expected. Hoping Dave gets the job done and heads home pronto.

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