Bananas, Meatballs and Strawberries

Toss in some cottage cheese with pears, a cheesy broccoli/potato cake (only a half), three meatballs (small), and some local strawberries with whipped cream and that’s what Lee managed to eat yesterday. Much better than the day before. Still having a fluid intake battle but at least his body isn’t burning off liquids like it had.

My siblings & I are all suspecting that the medication is having some positive effect upon the bacterial infections. Not huge leaps of improvement, but certainly more positive than his condition on Sunday. I guess one couldn’t expect an 85 yr old body to just bounce back! His body temp stayed just above 98 all day. Better brain function and certainly more zip in his conversations. Better sleep with little to no coughing during the night.  Hopefully this positive trend will continue.

Mike, Kim & I all report having definite problems with sleep. Ok, I had a little extra problem with my hubby packing all night for his business trip. Last night I slept for 6 hrs straight. Pretty darn good for me! I also can report Dave did make it off on his flight with out complications. He’ll return on the 21st. My extra Moby support system will be greatly missed. Evening walks with our neighbor don’t pack the same punch as when Dave’s around.

We will see what today brings. I’m hoping for more positive steps forward to kicking the bugs. We’ve nicknamed them “the bad cooties”.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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