Mushy brain

That would be ME having a mushy brain right now! I think all the stress from the past several weeks hit last night and I really wasn’t functioning well. Sleep wasn’t great, but I did get some. Today I’m laying low in anticipation of heading down tomorrow. Kim needs a full day break with no work.

Yesterday went ok. His temp remains constant at 98. Coughing has greatly decreased. Cognitive ability seems good but I’m wondering if some of the meds are giving him anxiety problems. The  blue pills will be completed this afternoon and the other antibiotics continue for another 9 days. Actually, the whole pill thing confuses him. One can’t be taken within 2 hours of having calcium. The others have to be taken every 8 hrs. He’s not in control of that area right now and it bugs him. He is consuming a bit more food, even getting up to have lunch at the dining room table. We had a bad soup incident on Sunday and I didn’t want to repeat that one again!

Today he had some stomach problems (most likely due to the antibiotics) but those have passed. His appointment with his primary physician is in an hour. He’s showered, dressed and ready to go. The only way we could convince him to do this appointment was to make it clear this would help lower his daughters & sons stress levels. Lots of grumbling and snarling came from his general direction before he agreed.  Now that’s the father I know!

I did work hard at organizing my sisters stash room. Should have taken before photos. The after photos are still on my new phone and I’ve not figured out how to download them yet!


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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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