Art in Rural Storefronts: Sweet Home Reception



What:    “Art in Rural Storefronts”, Meet the Artists Reception in Sweet Home, Oregon

Where:  Mountain View Plaza, Suite D, 401 Main Street, Sweet Home, Sweet Home Economic Development Group

When:  Jan.18, 2013 at  5 PM, light refreshments.

More Info:

On Friday January 18th at 5 PM, The Arts Center and the Sweet Home Economic Development Group host a reception for “Art in Rural Storefronts”; the public is invited to meet the artists who installed artwork in 2 locations on Main Street. If you have been curious about how those art installations came about and, this is your opportunity to find out the details. Gale Everett and Andrew Myers will be at the reception to speak about their work and to answers questions.

In 2 windows of 933 Main Street Gale Everett created an installation titled “Unseen Natives” commenting on native fish living in the muddy waters of the flooded fields and agricultural ditches in the Willamette Valley. She has built a fish from many paper squares, representing the acres of land dedicated to agricultural production. In keeping with other installation work she has done, Everett uses wire frames forms covered in paper.

Three windows of 1344 Main Street are taken up with a diorama of drawings by Andrew Myers. Each window shows a different scene. One window shows the fantastical version of the creation of the petrified forest Sweet Home is built on. The next scene will be about the landscape, the Santiam River; the third will go back to the communities of Buckhead and Mossville, which later became Sweet Home.

The Arts Center’s program in “Art in Rural Storefronts” was supported by an “Art Builds Communities”-grant from the Oregon Arts Commission.

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Art in Rural Storefronts: Sweet Home Reception

  1. So great! Wishing you a fab reception! Hosting two workshops here at the house this weekend along with a full tap of teen events on the agenda. With you in spirit!! xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Ella! Very nice group of folks, even a few from Corvallis showed. There was plenty of food for many more! Poor Hester ended up taking home quite a bit (or getting Dave and a few others to take some).
      Have an incredible weekend! I’m sure you’ll have strong energy from the workshops. Have fun!!!
      Love to you all,

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