Card creation at the Merry Inksters

Over the past two weeks I’ve taken two workshops. The first (lichen dye for wool and silk) was very disappointing as far as results and just not in my main art field. (Note to self: I need to focus on workshops in my specific fields)  This last weekend was fun and something I’ve been more curious about…

Platen presses. Not something I have at home but very tempting if I had more room. An art friend, Julia Lont, has been offering 2 day workshops for creating holiday cards. With Valentine’s Day approaching, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out the press before committing to a more serious class. Saturday was my only available day so I could create a one color print.

After a nice introduction and technique lesson, the three of us got started on our blocks. I should have dreamed up an easier/quicker design. Too many curves and negative space. Not much time left for printing.

starting a block_geverett

My friend Victoria happened to be working on site too.

Victoria M carvine

Julia giving a demo on one of the many platen presses.

Julia Lont at the pressJulia inking the plate

One student finished her image quickly. Needless to say, her block became the demo tool! Love the little whale.

adding blocks and keys

We learned how to set up a registration system for our work.

alligning paper

Ready to print!

ready to print

Ohhh, a finished whale card. Well, first color anyway.

printed card

My block ready to test….

my block ready

Finished product.

love card

My camera ran out of juice so I had to snag the above image from Julia. Not the cleanest print, so I’m calling it rustic. I think I’ve fallen in love with pulling the lever, inserting clean paper and pulling out a finished print. No painful wrists from all the hand rubbing. Maybe I’ll have to join up for a month after working through a few blocks.

Oh, and if you’re interested in taking a class from Julia, I would recommend her. She is fabulous! See more of her work on Blue Camas Press.

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