Protecting the house

For some reason, I happen to be the owner of a crazy freak dog who is determined to keep my attention at all cost. If I happen to ignore him, he runs around the house and gets into trouble. This means I stop what I’m doing, run after him and yank whatever he’s acquired out of his mouth. Yes, his reward is getting my attention. I really do need to address my behavior! Anyway, he loves to raid the bathroom for hand towels, any stray socks or shirts not placed in the hamper, and the cat bed on top of the etching press when accessible. Over the past year the press has been hiding behind large pieces of sheet rock, waiting to be installed in the downstairs bath. This makes it rather inconvenient to use the press. I finally hit the “fed up” level and started clearing out all the non-art stuff from the studio. The cat, having benefited from the sheet rock shields, was now fair game. Not for long! I created protection for my Nigel. It just so happens that the garage harbors quantities of recycled materials from other projects gone-a fowl. A bi-fold closet door was utilized with extra cedar from our back deck railing to create the enclosure. Not too horrible to look at and it’s light weight.



Since this project went so well, I decided to use the same principal for protecting the cockatoo’s cage. When left alone, Moby always pulls out the seed/poo tray and spreads everything all over the upstairs. Paper, bird seed, broken up wood blocks, the works! Birds are messy enough, but to have the dog helping out really sucks. Now Mr. B is fully enclosed and I won’t have to worry about the pan getting pulled out. Less vacuum time! Hurray! The slats were originally to become trim around interior windows but I used them to sort out the fish project in November. I don’t think Barnaby will mind all the little holes drilled through them. 😉


I really should be working on a print, but I keep distracting myself with other projects. Maybe tomorrow the printing will commence.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Protecting the house

    1. My numbers have really depleted over the years. It’s nice to be down to 3 birds, 2 cats and one dog. There were the many years of 7+ birds, 3 rabbits, 5 guinea pigs, 1 iguana, 4 fish tanks, 3 cats and 3 dogs. Thank goodness they don’t live forever!

    1. Why yes, it certainly could be called that.
      Now the dog is diving into OTHER areas and creating his own art work… or things for me to reassemble. Hmm, I think that might have been a document I actually needed rather than having it become just a paper thing to shred apart. Ah, the plastic tub containing a good pint of clay slip has now been added to the rug downstairs. Too bad the container broke when it hit the floor. More art right?

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