Sketches and news

Monday certainly kicked off to a good start. I spent part of my day working on new designs for lamps.


The fern has been used before and I continue to enjoy their form. However,  they need a longer format than 10″, so now I’m playing with 11″ height and it feels much better.

I also did a quick sketch of a horse eye on a big pad of newsprint. This might lead to more horse related work.

horse eye

I found horse eyes to be similar to dog eyes, but their upper and lower lids are different. Then toss is the super long hairs below their eyes and a different iris form! Wow! I had just started noticing how long those hairs really are with the horse I see on our dog walks. I would guess it helps protect their eye since they can’t look straight down as easily as us.  Eye bumpers in a way.

The really BIG news today was that I made it through round #1 of the jury process for the Art in Rural Storefront project. Yes,  I’m thrilled to make it through the first selection!  Last night I had a pretty impressive idea run around my brain for a subject area to focus on. The method and material are sorted out (for the most part). Hopefully I’ll find out if a town is interested in my work by months end. Brownsville, Sweet Home, Halsey, Scio, and Philomath are all participating this year. Fingers crossed!


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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

3 thoughts on “Sketches and news

    1. Hi Anna!
      The ferns seem to be a steady constant in my life. Right now the fiddle heads are unfurling around the yard. So much activity everywhere! And way too much activity in my brain surrounding art project ideas. 🙂
      We will see where it goes very soon!

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