Saying NO, but moving forward anyway

Today has been odd. This morning I wrote a quick note to the curator at the local art center stating I wouldn’t be submitting to this year’s Rural Storefront Art project. The submission deadline is today.  I had decided it would be in my best interest to refrain from entering due to all the crazinessContinue reading “Saying NO, but moving forward anyway”

Plum Blossom

Beautiful sunny warm spring weather! What a JOY! It would be even better if I wasn’t stuck inside, fixing and clearing out old stuff left by renters from years ago. Who knew they crammed so much junk into the attic space? So far I’ve uncovered bags of clothing, an old TV/VCR combo, a stereo system,Continue reading “Plum Blossom”


If one doesn’t have supplies, one can’t create. Surprisingly, I had run out of wood from a purchase back in January. It takes 9 feet of wood to create one luminaria. Local sources are not terribly reliable and are horrible at consistent pricing. Time to start searching the internet for other options. This is theContinue reading “Sticks”

Running around

Oh, what a glorious warm spring day it was! High about 66 F and sunny sunny sunny!! This morning I went for a 3 mile walk with a girlfriend and the hell hounds. It was practically warm enough to shed the sweatshirt, but I didn’t. After the walk, I met up in Philomath with myContinue reading “Running around”

Geranium on the brain

I think I must be in procrastination mode concerning the Fox Sparrow print. Maybe I shouldn’t label it procrastination because in reality, it’s about mentally sorting how the two blocks will interact. I have to have a clear image in my brain of exactly what will happen before moving forward. Drawing helps, but not today.Continue reading “Geranium on the brain”


After several days spent working on other painful non-art things, I’m finally back in the studio. It’s a feeling of bliss followed by “what do I do now?” Today’s first priority: packing up an old friend. I had completely forgotten all the memories packed into the Postcard Quilt. Each art card was connected to veryContinue reading “Packing”


Last Saturday was one of the larger community art events. The Howland Community Open allows anyone in Linn or Benton county to place one piece of their art on the wall (or on a stand depending if it’s 3D). It draws from all ages and backgrounds in the community to one place, The Arts Center.Continue reading “Community”