A new week, figs and fires

Figsy-gale everett

It’s Monday morning and the week has started. Hopefully, new energy has flowed into my fingers and brain after a bit of a break. Dave came home Saturday night after a week in Austin TX. We spent Sunday unpacking all his things and attempting to store childhood items that traveled home, suitcases aired, laundry started and errands tackled. I managed to see all 3 of my siblings over the weekend which was miraculous! We met up for lunch on both days, but not all together.  Friday was the 2nd anniversary of our dad’s death and we were all thinking of him. I spent part of Friday re-assessing a website job started 2.5 months ago and realized it wasn’t a good fit for my life right now. So, I terminated it and feel much better. I truly learned an enormous amount and was glad to have that challenge, but it was causing too much brain friction with other life events (the Camas project to name one).  Now we move forward!

Large wildfires are burning all over Oregon. Sunday the smoke started filling the valley. Skies are now hazy with limited to no visibility of surrounding hills. Smokey sunlight changes the colors of the surrounding landscapes and vegetation. The one plus point is sunrise: blood red and impressive!  The image below is of that sun, but 5-10 minutes after the incredible red color.  The top image was from last week after a bit of smart phone fun.


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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

3 thoughts on “A new week, figs and fires

    1. Oregon is burning like crazy. Here in the valley we might receive one thunderstorm a year. We have had around 7 to 10 pass through our area this year. Fire warnings, level 6 of some other warning system, it’s been the craziest weather ever. Probably much more to come as our planet changes.

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