Book and Brooch

cleaned book
A couple days ago I found a box of books while cleaning out more of the garage. These were the ones I was unable to part with after clearing out my parents home. Last night I pulled one out and started folding the above creation.This particular book was titled  Analytical Mechanics for Engineers, 3rd edition, 1941.   Nothing wild and crazy, but it was fun to try while watching TV in the dark. It might become a stand for cards during Open Studio Tour.

I’ve also started a wire & paper brooch. Below is just the general wire form. It will be hinged and involve thread & possibly wax. I’ll continue working on it today and post images as it evolves tomorrow.


Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Book and Brooch

  1. You are the personification of patience. Looks very enticing. Wonder what reading it would be like. Is this a comment on the superfluousness of books in the internet era?

    1. Years back, I wanted a baby Senegal parrot. Then Barnaby came into my life. Then I realized how crazy I was in wanting to own birds. I’ve come to realize they should really be out in the wild and not in people’s homes, but it looks like Richard is doing well with his life so far. Parrots have been in my life for 25 years now and won’t be ending very soon. Barnaby could live another 20+ years!

      1. I’m not happy with caged birds either. If he was staying, I’d let him out but he’s only here until Monday so we don’t want to take the risk. Sparta keeps staring at him!

      2. Sparta would LOVE to meet Richard! I don’t think the outcome would be good… Maybe Richard might show up in a quick sketch before Monday?

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