It’s been quite a few months since I’ve pulled out the old sewing machine. Unfortunately, it was being cantankerous and not switching over to the regular functions after winding the bobbin thread. After about 15 min of fiddling, it magically went into regular stitch mode. I “doodled” over the paper using red thread. Not certain if it’s a winner yet, but I’ll keep moving this through the process. It’s all an experiment right now.

Tomorrow is the big MRI day. I wish it could be scanning both feet/ankles, but they are going for the original injury site. My therapist and I are keeping our fingers crossed that something productive will come out of this scan. With my luck, it will be nothing conclusive. I just wish I could function without pain. Maybe someday soon!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

10 thoughts on “Stitching

  1. When a sewing machine goes awry, it sometimes produces interesting results…not good for clothing production, but may be good for an art piece… just sayin.
    So far, Me Likey!

    Good luck with medical procedures!!

    1. Thanks Cynthia. I’ll be playing more with it as the day progresses. Probably should start assembling a couple of lamps before pulling out the wax mess. 😉

    1. Thanks Rose. Yes, me too. Fortunately today it’s feeling pretty good. It’s either major scar tissue or a neuroma, or both, or nothing at all….

  2. Love the stitching, good luck with the MRI, hope something shows up. I understand your frustration, I have had nerve pain down my fight thigh for nearly three years now and still working through different therapies to find a cure. Karen

    1. Yikes Karen! That sounds awful. I really hope something gets figured out soon to ease your pain. Maybe someday I’ll be able to wear shoes that are more interesting than the stable running variety. They just don’t coordinate well with skirts, dresses, or anything other than sweats and shorts. 😄

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