Trying something new


My hands are complaining about cutting paper. This time, it’s not just the right hand that was damaged by all the wire work back in 2014. Sigh…. so what can I do? Well, not much right now. I’m already swamped with physical therapy for my feet and trying to solve those issues (MRI on Thursday!). The hands need to wait a bit more.

Tuesday  I was looking for backing paper for a couple of maple leaf lamps and discovered the above paper. I must have purchased it during one of the ArtFest retreats in Port Angeles, Washington (and that was many years back). The paper is very thin and probably won’t hold up for direct application, so I’m attaching it to mulberry paper before a few more steps. Mmmmm…. this could be something interesting….. maybe. Stitching, wax, and maybe more.  The lamp will certainly be very unique!


A couple more lamp fronts to go before assembly. Time to purchase more wood. Somehow I never have enough supplies to finish projects.

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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