Casing the Rings

Slowly it’s coming together. A bit more fidgeting required to accommodate the cut tree ring panel.  I’m so glad to have the bench router as part of the tool collection. It worked like magic once I figured out how to use it. Hopefully the cases will be glued up and dry by Sunday afternoon. There will be plenty of sanding and staining to accomplish, plus finishing the back access door and lightning. 

Last summer I created the paper cut tree growth rings. Originally I had designed a series related to the Pacific Northwest forests. The Rot project show was the aim, but my health declined and nothing moved forward. It’s nice to be so much closer to completing this project and knowing it will be on display next weekend  at Oregon State University.   

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Casing the Rings

  1. The tree ring cutting looks fabulous in its casing, this is my favourite one of your cuttings. So glad you are well enough to finish it. Will you use your lettering cut out as well? Karen

    1. That’s one of my goals today, to get the lettering colored and mounted. I’ll be working in the garage again with the wood tools. Thank goodness it’s warmish (50’s F).

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