More waiting

iris 2-darker_galeeverettstudio

It’s Thursday and I’m waiting for multiple things. Here’s the list:

  1. The cat went on walkabout and hasn’t returned home. I’m worried.
  2. My husband is heading to Texas and I’m waiting for him to get back from work so I can drive him to the airport.
  3. The results from the jury process for Art in Rural Communities- I now have to wait until the 19th for the answer. Originally the final listing would happen on the 13th. It’s hard to gather enough people together in a community for the final jury process and I totally understand the extension of time, but I really want to know if I need to start planning on moving ahead or not. I lack patience these days.
  4. What pain is my body going to bring forward to screw with life more.
  5. Why can’t I just let go of these thoughts and move forward with something more productive?

I spent a bit of time this morning taking lots of photos of the iris blooming next to the house. We seem to be having quite a bumper crop this year. Not sure why, but I’ll take it! The above image is by far my favorite. It might even make for a nice drawing later.

cairn terrier_galeeverettstudio

Hazel spent some quality time running through all the tall grass this morning. Half the field is mowed, the other half waiting. I ran out of gas this morning. One wool drying rack has been created and I might start the cleaning process tomorrow. The weather will be nice for one more day, then a shift to cloudy and cool again.

Pollinators print is also in the design stage. I’ve been gathering photos of native ground bees out pollinating the Rhododendrons and other flowers. They’re such beautiful little bees! So fuzzy with burnt orange, yellow and black on their bodies. I’ll post some images later.

Have a great day!



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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

9 thoughts on “More waiting

  1. Gorgeous iris Gale, I look forward to seeing how you translate that into your art. I was thinking of a native bee for the pollinator series too. We have a native blue banded bee. Nearly finished unpacking and am getting ready to start back into my art. Yeah!!!! Karen

    1. I have thoughts of working on a large charcoal drawing with touches of pastels. We shall see what happens. The cat did reappear that night. She’s currently back sleeping in her room. Such a personality. She holds grudges….

      1. Glad she is back always a worry when they wander. I had a dog who was like that. He would turn his back on me when annoyed at me, then sneak looks over the shoulder to make sure I knew I was being snubbed. They are so funny!

  2. Its hard to find the motivation, isn’t it. Hazel is adorable and everything will fall into place. You are right, waiting can be so hard and frustrating.

    1. Yes, it will all work out for the best. Today is a totally different day and I don’t have any expectations. Just going with the flow. 🙂

  3. I think part of the problem is the great weather and longer days makes us think we should be getting more done, and makes us restless. Waiting is never easy, and when so many things are keeping life on hold it’s even harder. Hope solutions for body aches and pains and not more new ones!

    1. I’m spending today watching Netflix and icing my back. Tomorrow should be better, even if the weather changes. The projects will sort themselves out eventually. I think you’re right about the weather affecting productivity expectations!

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