Happiness in yellow 

Art in Rural Communities: Halsey 2016

The week is quickly coming to a close and several items have been accomplished!

  1. Contract signed and turned in.

2. Scroll saw and base delivered, set up, and tested.

3. Sign materials ordered!

4. Field research started.

5. Garage space cleared for action! Ok, plus a ping pong table delivered last Sunday (and still has yet to be used).

The week started with the delivery of a heavy yellow box. Inside the yellow box was a yellow piece of equipment! I actually held off opening the box until the giant mess in the garage was addressed.



New Scroll Saw without the work surface in place.

Scroll saw practice has begun and it works beautifully. The machine is super quiet, an added bonus. Since this is a new piece of equipment, I’ll be in a steep learning curve. I’m watching loads of “Scroll saw 101” courses on YouTube. Best blades to consider, how to cut good corners, cutting multiples, and other good bits of information. I miss not being able to ask my dad for help. He would have enjoyed this project. Below is my test image mounted to the sign material using spray mount glue.

Pilot holes drilled
Cutting out blackberry leaves.

Field research this week was sparse. The local farmers are growing numerous radish seed crops this season, plus stocking loads of beehives. The below field is about 3 miles from my home. Halsey has several radish fields with beehives close to town. One has a beautiful view of Mary’s Peak in the background and will probably make up one square.


Research for sign material has been more challenging. Finding the specific names of materials (in a field unknown to me) has been interesting. I’m thankful to my friend Carol for all the tips (and sample materials) she’s provided. I decided on a thinner product that should hold up to the task, and about $13 less expensive per 2ft x 4ft sheet (saving about $156). Normally, full sheets are 1/8″ x 48f” x 96″, an unmanageable size for me individually. After numerous online searches, I found 24″ x 48″. Bingo! I’ve ordered enough for the project…. I hope!

More research to come and hopefully drawings to start this weekend!

And for those who don’t know what this project is about: I was juried into Art in Rural Communities project through The Arts Center of Corvallis.  This year the project is in Halsey Oregon and will be an outdoor piece mounted to a wall. I’ll be posting images of my process from start to finish in September 2016. 

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Happiness in yellow 

  1. Great start Gale and I love your new scroll saw. You have amped up your paper cutting and now have a machine to do it. I am excited about this project and watching you work through it. Thanks for sharing. Karen

    1. It should be interesting since these two worlds overlap quite nicely. As long as I can pull together solid images that read from a distance…. This is the scary part of the project. The actual creating of the pieces shouldn’t be bad.

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