Berries and the weekend


The weekend was on the calm side. The weather was stormy and cool, perfect for making soup and enjoying a few movies. Sunday, I managed to prod the mighty blackberry picker to go check his crop (which happens to be HUGE this year!). He thought they wouldn’t be ripe yet. Ha! After picking  about 2 gallons, he was done for the day. Give it another 2-3 days and we’ll have that much more to pick again. We froze them on sheet trays then put them through a food vacuum system to help keep freezer burn from getting at them before a cider weekend. Organic backyard grown blackberries…. so tasty!

scroll saw platform

Design work took a break this weekend because my brain was tired. Instead, I created extra support for cutting the 2ft x 2ft squares. Legs are still needing to be attached , but the piece is sanded and otherwise done for now. It will be nice not to worry about the work getting overly stressed by hanging off the metal platform as it’s being cut.


We had our favorite neighbor over to check out the paper-cuts thus far. The newest one, still in development, is situated in the upper right corner and will become an apple leaf/branch/fruit design. I also spent a little time on the pulp mill site for Halsey to find out that Douglas Fir is their main chip/pulp material. This means I could end up doing either a tree ring piece or some nice fir cones. The tree rings will most likely win.

Hopefully I’ll be finishing off the remaining square designs this week and start manufacturing the following. The large panel center design has been chosen(the Cross Bros. Seed & Grain building), but I still need to figure out all the connecting bits to hold everything in place. The two outer panels have yet to be designed but the subject is known.

Time for a bit of dinner and more relaxing. Monday will be here soon enough!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Berries and the weekend

    1. We’re certainly in a much rainier weather pattern this year. I’m loving not reaching the high 90’s ! Keep it in the 70’s and my mood improves!

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