Feeling better

center idea_geverettstudio2016

Progress: The above photo shows the preliminary layout of current squares. I’m trying to keep a circular flow through both sides of the design. I’ll audition (swapping) the wheat and Hazelnut images to balance things a bit more. The right half is feeling heavy. I also used the image of the first grainery building, rather than the more complex one.

Wednesday morning I actually felt pretty good. Good enough to head outside for some yard work, a first in many weeks.Summer brings beautiful seed heads on the grasses (many of which I chopped down). The next design for the public art work is perennial rye grass which is currently producing seed in my yard. The Halsey area is the largest grass seed growers in the world.


Above is the first attempt at grass. Next will be an even more close-up examination.


So glad I have my mom’s scope!

More to come!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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