Figuring out spacing

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How will the final spacing of work come together? It’s something that requires thought right now before moving on to larger panels. If I stay with this spacing (1ft), then the long panels will remain 5 ft long. If I choose to pull the squares in more, say a 10″ space, then the little square and long panel will have to shift accordingly. It’s more likely that I’ll pull the images closer than spread them out more.

On Sunday I tacked up the current squares and a paper center piece (for reference), to the backside of the garage. Along with spacing, the final color remains undetermined at this time. I sent an email to one of the city employees to see if they had any wishes for color. Hopefully someone will respond. Otherwise, I’ll take my big color swatch book to the site and start looking at options that wouldn’t clash with their green building.

If anyone has a color suggestion, please let me know! The panels will be painted a solid color (no accents or additional design work) There might be more than one color used, or not, or three, I don’t know!

More panels to cut this week: Young grass, wheat, radish, and the final mystery square (still in design mode). And I’ll probably start designing the two small squares that will be hands. Long panels will continue to wait.

Hopefully I’ll have more to show by next weekend!



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