Three out of Four

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Progress continues forward as energy levels fade. Three out of four pairs are now cut. The wheat image (upper right) was completed today after almost four days of work. Granted, the work wasn’t continuous. I burned out after the first four squares and had a difficult time trying to move forward. This type of project is probably the hardest to push myself through. A completed project is absolutely required! No skipping off to work on something else. I made a solid commitment plus contract so I’ll get the job done.

What holds me back? Part of it is the tediousness of daily cutting. It’s boring work. I drill holes, thread my saw blade, tighten things up and cut. Then I shift to the next section (unhook the blade, insert into the next hole, tighten and repeat). Some panels have well over 100 sections to cut. It makes me feel bad when I lose energy towards a major project. I feel like such a slacker if I take time off, yet my brain can’t actually turn off. Adding in Netflix to provide some entertainment helps a bit. Another thing holding me back is the lack of clean cuts. Yes, I want perfection but lines are uneven and wander.The backside of the work is really frazzled and requires loads of clean up. I want the clean edges of cut paper! Yet, I have to keep reminding myself that this is an experiment. If I ever decide to do something more substantial for a city project, I’ll have another company cut the work. Thanks to one of my friends, I now know who to contact in the local area for this type of job!

What’s the next step? I have two more 2’x 2′ panels (Radish and other). Then I move into the big ones (2′ x 5′)! The granary image requires a bit more touch up. There’s also the other two outer panels that remain a mystery. Also a couple of 1′ x 1′ hand images. I figure if I get too stressed for time, the outer long panels could be sacrificed and the design would still hold together just fine.

Now, if we could just get a bit cooler weather. I’m melting in the garage these days. Should reach 96 F (35.5C) or higher today.

On to the next piece!

BTW: If you’re just tuning in, this is a public art project that will hang in Halsey Oregon in mid September. The Arts Center of Corvallis OR, are the ones running the Art in Rural Communities program. This was a juried piece that will be on display for up to 6 months. For additional information please click here

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

7 thoughts on “Three out of Four

  1. The images look fabulous together Gale. I can understand the frustration and tedium of the cutting, especially at this midway point. I would love to send you some of our cool weather in exchange for some heat. This is some of your best work, so take heart, we will cheer you on. Karen

    1. Karen, thanks so much for your enthusiasm! I’m always glad to have people routing for me on the side lines from around the world. Eventually, I’ll like the work again, but right now it’s not pleasing. Maybe once I finish off the next pair of squares….
      We would gladly pass along some warmth. This summer has been nice and cool until now. I’m sure glad we have a new cooling system in the house! It feels decadent. 🙂

  2. I’m loving the results of your work Gale. You can tell how much patience it takes from your post and also the details shown on your photographs. It’s amazing results.

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