Empty Bowl Start


Two projects on the table:

  1. It took quite a while to figure out an image for Wingtip Press Leftovers Print Exchange due at the end of March. Finally the drawing has moved to the soft block and cutting commenced! The print is actually looking a bit like my boy Moby! Since the exchange will benefit the Idaho Hunger Relief group, this year I chose an image of a sad pup waiting for food (not like I have models lounging around the house giving me sad eyes daily or anything!).  Over the past few years, I’ve become known for dog images. Hopefully this one continues with good progress and no major mistakes. With a little luck, it will make the Idaho group a bit of money and travel the world with the other exchange entries.
  2. I also have started folding a concertina book for a collaboration, but chose the wrong paper. It’s good to test paper before folding it into a book. Does it work with pencil and eraser? Watercolor? Pen and ink? If it looks like crap after a round of eraser work, you need to choose a new paper. BFK Rives failed (a great printmaking paper). Arches Aquarelle (water color paper) should win. More cutting/folding to come. I also realized I need to think about paper grain and how the covers will be glued on plus their grain direction. So much I’ve forgotten about working on books. Oh well, it will eventually get sorted.



Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Empty Bowl Start

  1. I love the dog print, it really captures that sad look of hungry dog! And perfect for the Hunger Relief topic. Getting the form of the bowl so beautifully can’t have been easy. I sympathise with the paper selection for the collaboration – I haven’t even got that far yet … I have two different pieces available, but will do a test before folding, great advice! I did a concertina for myself not so long ago and used Fabriano, great drawing paper but it cracked on the folds.

    1. I suspect we will all be experiencing growing pain concerning the paper. Maybe cracking will be just part of the piece!
      Thanks for the kind words on the print. I worked with it more today but got distracted. The bowl was easy just because I think about the curves and it was a bowl that I created years ago. 😉
      Have a great weekend!

  2. I am always impressed with all your talents! I think the print is emotional and poignant! I used Arches Aquarelle, the green label one, fin grain I think, I bought a 10 pack and am quite pleased with it for watercolor, and pen and ink it is ok. Still has a tooth to it. Now the cover is a different story. I think I am going to use the same paper and attach it to a board via glue or gel medium after painting on the paper. But I haven’t done it yet so I do not know yet….

    1. Keep that energy flowing! You are giving us all a kick into production. Books are an interesting art form that have so many layers to learn. I’m a newbie and don’t keep in touch with the process. Each one is it’s own adventure.

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