Felting a small dog

Felted Harry1Felted Harry2Felted Harry3Felted Harry 4

Harry was a funny Pomeranian cross that belonged to my nieces mom-in-law. He just passed away after 18 wonderful years with Patty and Dave. The block he’s sitting on is 5″x 5″ (12.7cm x12.7cm). I’m still very much a beginner with trying to figure out the whole armature  to dog type ratio works. Harry had an extremely challenging shortened face, frame/legs, plus a super furry coat. This was my second round of armature attempts. The legs remained way too long so I put him into a down position. Rather than calling it a true replica, I call it an “essence of Harry”. Last summer I took numerous photos of him , knowing that an attempt to create him in wool would happen soon. After he was put down, Patty posted numerous photos that I added to my mix to try and decipher the little guy. At this point I’ll call it finished.

Artwork has been super scattered of late. I’ve been trying to adjust to round #2 of meds but it hasn’t worked. Family genetics seem to be creeping in and I’m seeing similarities between my mom and I in regards to medication reactions. It feels like a giant waste of time invested after weeks of expensive meds. I just want to be free from everything for a bit before considering the next round of torture. Just say no to TNF blockers.

Maybe it’s time to get the taxes finally finished!





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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

7 thoughts on “Felting a small dog

  1. I love your work and the tenacity you have to work your skills in each and every one of your pieces!!! I am saddened by the lack of success from medication!

    Take time to be good to yourself and acknowledge you need respite! Love you!!

    1. thanks Becky!
      The med reaction was why I couldn’t attend the zoom meeting. I was broken but feeling better now.
      Haven’t heard back from the dr yet. I’ll just wait and see…

  2. Your felted creatures are just amazing Gale, they look as though you have been doing them all your life! I’m sure the owners of Harry will be thrilled. Sorry to hear about the meds, hopefully something new will come your way soon.

    1. I was glad to not talk about the med issues today during zoom. I’m trying to focus forward and hope that something positive will come out of it. My family has a history of bad medication reactions.
      I think the Harry sculpture will be enjoyed once the rawness wears off. They did just put him down two weeks ago. Box was sent today. ❤️

  3. I love little Harry, and all your other felted creatures. So sorry about the family curse, we just aren’t cut out to do medicines. Perhaps soon there will be a way to know which will help without harm, I pray so. Peace, Jean

    1. Thank you Jean. The body certainly hasn’t been cooperating as well as my brain had hoped. I’m taking a break from extra stuff for a week. Its been super nice to have clear skin for a few months, about the only positive thing from drugs.
      Onwards with the next adventure!

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