Getting Around

Black Butte and Mt Jefferson in snow

This month has certainly been filled with more activity. We took a mini-vacation to Bend, OR. It was our last visit with my sister-in-law before her move to Colorado. She and my brother never married but we love her dearly and I totally consider her part of our family. This was the first time our dogs traveled to central Oregon and stayed in a motel. With that said, it wasn’t the most relaxing trip due to the dogs anxieties, but we all survived. They even made a new friend with Amee’s little pup Willie. She’s so darn adorable!

The Three Sisters
Mt Washington
Tumalo Creek, Shevlin Park, Bend OR
Tumalo Creek with the Willie, Hazel, Moby & Dave

Saturday we went to Eugene for a little belated birthday party for my brother Tom. He grilled meat, we brought chips/dip/fruit salad, cake & ice cream to finish it off. People in Eugene have been more challenged with securing vaccinations. Tom hasn’t managed to get one so Sunday morning I signed him up for a Pfizer vaccination in Albany. Tomorrow he will get his first shot plus a nice road trip to Albany and back. I’ll be putting in a few hundred miles driving, but that’s fine with me. I just want him protected!

Today is Monday and I’ll be picking up the giant cow head. She’s spent her time at the gallery and received much love, plus the People’s Choice Award. Not sure where she will live as the studio space is crazy right now!

I think that’s about all for the moment. We have multiple house and yard projects in various states of being. Hopefully I’ll be able to show both beginning and COMPLETED photos soon. Completed is the state I want everything to reach, which means I need to pull myself away from the computer and get busy.

Thanks for checking in. The next blog posting should host completed artwork!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Getting Around

  1. Love the mountain snow photos, Willie is adorable. I’m sure Aimee will miss you all. Great that you could celebrate Tom’s birthday and get him vaccinated. Thanks for sharing the Bend trip. Jean

    1. Tom’s second vaccination happens May 12 and Amee leaves Oregon next Monday, May 17th. Super sad she’s leaving Oregon, but looking forward to visiting her in Colorado with Willie.

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