Early Rain

It came early. The rain that is. It’s been a bit of a guessing game as to when it would start. Would it be Saturday or Sunday? Will it start around noon on Saturday or around 9am? It chose the 9:30am Saturday time slot. This early rain puts a damper on the final painting push.Continue reading “Early Rain”

The big move: Camas installation in Halsey

The Camas are finally at their new home! So how does one move 7 panels and 8 camas 20.7 miles? Carefully and in 2 trips. Start by hinging panels.   Then load in the back of the car. Take to the newly painted and roofed library building in Halsey. And start installing while having aContinue reading “The big move: Camas installation in Halsey”

Wayward brain at work

Last Saturday and next Saturday are designated  “fill in days” at the Arts Center of Corvallis.  My buddy Suzanne has torn herself away from the front desk for a dream trip of gallery hopping in Santa Fe, NM. With her gone, I was given the opportunity to step back into my old job. It’s alwaysContinue reading “Wayward brain at work”