The big move: Camas installation in Halsey

The Camas are finally at their new home! So how does one move 7 panels and 8 camas 20.7 miles? Carefully and in 2 trips. Start by hinging panels.

panel set 4 panel set 3panel set 2  panel 1

Then load in the back of the car.

background loaded

Take to the newly painted and roofed library building in Halsey.

773 W First

And start installing while having a conversation with the local newspaper reporter, city manager, and additional library supporters who came and cleaned the windows! What great support from this city!

curved backdrop Gale in her field of camas

Rather than creating end supports for the backdrop, I chose to place hinges on the front and curve the entire expanse. Self supporting!

mural backstuffing bases

Packing rocks into the hole to secure the camas.

packing rocks

Signage! The QR code even works!

door sign


What’s next on the agenda? September 24th is the reception in Halsey for the project. October and November will be dedicated to Philomath Open Studio Tour. Oh, and then there is the next BIG project that I have to submit a proposal for. It would be even larger in scale than the Camas project, taking about a year to complete. We shall see if the Arts Center bites for this new installation idea!

Off to clean up the studio spaces and get life back in order! I feel free! 🙂



Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

3 thoughts on “The big move: Camas installation in Halsey

  1. How exciting, they are in and looking fabulous! I hope you are pleased and proud of your effort here. Thank you so much for sharing the journey with us, it has been so much fun and really interesting. Hope you have a moment to catch your breath now, how are your hands? Karen.

    1. Thanks Karen. I’m just happy it’s out of my house and being enjoyed by others! My hand will hopefully start to mend now the wire work is done. For now at least. I need to start organizing what will accompany me to the Philomath Open Studio Tour.
      Today I started cleaning out the garage so my husband can finally get his car back undercover. So many home projects that require attention.

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