Barnaby at OSU

What would you do with a sinus infection if you’re an Umbrella Cockatoo? You sneeze, breath through your mouth and act miserable. Your mom takes you to the doctor and puts you on several medications, but months go by and you still are not clear of it. Your sinuses loop around behind your eyes, have lobes in your upper mandible and are generally inaccessable. Where is the infection located? No one can really tell. That’s when you take a trip to OSU for an MRI.  Our wonderful avian vet worked for weeks to get him in (she had to go to the head of the vet school to get things moving). He was a big hit with everyone. Photos were taken, people came by to see him but Barnaby was not impressed. Once sedated the MRI took all of 5 seconds to scan his entire birdy body. We are still waiting for the results from a specialist down in California. Hopefully all the birdy torture can come to a resolution after 5 months.

Here are some of OSU’s photos. Sorry but I don’t have any of the cool MRI Images….yet!


Me and the Big B.


Big B leaning in. He was very ready to leave. “Get me out of here mom!”


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