IPA brew day

Memorial day started out grey and slowly improved with time. Dave had a 11am gathering at our friends, Sean & Tracie, for birthday brewing. For Dave to have the opportunity to brew with a master home brewer, wow! He was very excited! I took my time getting over there, uncertain if I really wanted to go, feeling guilty for not going to Eugene, and feeling like I wasn’t the greatest company in the world (probably just in my brain). I had art ideas running around yet couldn’t set myself down to work on them. Ahh, the fun of a depressed brain. I keep telling myself it’s OK! I’m in developmental phase of multiple projects.

I pulled myself together and left home by 1pm heading towards Corvallis. Sunshine amped up the intensity of green leaves, green fields of wheat (what a lot of local farmers are raising instead of rye grass), and patches of blue sky. Not too bad out! Maybe I can do this. Rather than driving directly to their home I decided to take a tour down Fern road in Philomath to check out a house for sale Carol had mentioned. I would have also liked to view the home towards Kate & Jim’s new digs but I couldn’t remember the address or directions. Fern road I could handle! The house was almost at the intersection with Airport Rd. The owners have put in a lot of work for curbside appeal, especially since the curb is almost to the front door (bit of an exaggeration, but it’s awfully close!). 2.1 acres, newly remodeled interior with new everything. Plenty of space to construct a studio but there’s just something not grabbing me. Maybe it was the exposure to the road and lack of trees on the property. I don’t know….  At least the two ugly mobile homes had been removed, most likely the original structures on the site. I drove on towards Llewellyn rd & spotted an adult bald eagle soaring above the christmas tree farm. Had Carol spotted it? Should I drop by unannounced? Would I get sucked in and be unable to continue on to Tracie’s for a visit? Probably! Nope, I would continue on my mission.  Carol’s sheep were looking great, sporting new haircuts in the  east field.

The rest of the drive was sunny and picturesque and I arrived at S&T’s just in time to try the wort before hops were added. I hung out with Tracie & her sweet boarder collie Rogue. It was great to hear stories about her run the previous day, adventures in her classroom of antsy 3rd graders, upcoming 1/2marathon in Bend and just stuff! Rogue, like most boarder collies, was a total suck-up! Why are they such a people pleaser? The brown-nosers of the dog world. Must be a herding thing, but it always brings forth a smile!

Did I bring the camera? Alas, no. Sean’s brew system is fabulous and works great for his space. He uses gravity to assist moving fluids from one pot to another. Dave probably would love to figure out a similar system that could work for his needs. Sean is a true brewer, starting with 20 lbs of grain. No extracts for him! IPA’s utilize lots of hops, several ounces were harvested from their backyard. After the guys finished and cleaning up, I headed down the road feeling much better about the day.

Thanks to Tracie and Sean for having us over!!! What a great birthday gift for Dave!

Where the heck is our warm weather? June 1 and it’s only 62 degrees out!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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