defective parts

Dear Sir or Ms,

I am writing to complain about faulty parts. Apparently spines in model# 17121926-LPE are defective. After many years of use compression fractures start to occur. We have already endured 4 breaks & repairs and are possibly on the 5th now. Data analysis points towards faulty uptake of calcium in the system. Solution: exchange the spine for a new or gently used model or change the calcium intake part to one that doubles intake in half the time. From our research, it seems an overhaul in calcium intake would be the easiest solution. We would like you, the manufacture, to step forward,  take responsibility and fix the problem with no charge. This model has been reliable and we certainly don’t want it destroyed. It still has many more years of potential good. Model# 21091930-ELBE was full of many faulty parts that failed miserably at the end of it’s existence yet we have not put in complaints about it as of yet. Maybe it’s time we do.  I’m pretty sure there are others out there with a similar complaint against the manufacturer.  I do know several good lawyers that would appreciate more business in this economy.

Thank you for your time,



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2 thoughts on “defective parts

    1. Yep, probably one no one would touch. And he was doing so well up til Sunday… Doctor tomorrow.

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