Riding out the pain

Lee had his doctor visit today. He’s going to possibly forgo kyphoplasty this time around, depending on how painful it gets. The reasoning behind it is this:  the procedure shifts the muscle strain to weaker vertebrae which is causes them to break. If he is able to stand the pain through healing, the other vertebrae might stand a chance to heal as well. Another option is to fill multiple bones if he goes in again.  They have finally started him on yet another calcium support (fosimax).

He also received the news that he could have a blood cancer. They will do another check in two months. This was something I found out about ten days ago when results came to the house. Most likely this has been going on for a while. Maybe it will stay in check for a while longer. Time will tell.

Not a fun day for him! Poor old guy. All he wants to do is heal and get going with life again. After all he’s gone through with my mom he deserves some sort of a positive break. Maybe he will finally get cable to help entertain himself. The DVD collection has already been viewed many times over!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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