Report from the Oncologist….via Mike

My brother Mike had the grand opportunity to take Lee in for his first oncology visit. This was his report of the day:
A grand time was had by all!
Oh, sorry that’s supposed to be at the end.
Kinda like desert first. …I’m in favor…

Anyway, after about two hours of front end B.S. we had a nice
and rather long visit with the Oncologist. Nice chap. He gave
Lee a book that does a pretty good job of explaining all this stuff.

The short version:
Yes it’s Multiple Myeloma
is a pretty good overview that matches the doctor’s statements.
The cell audit from the bone marrow biopsy was around 50%
cancer cells in the white cell count.

He’s planning to go after it with a combination of a fairly well
targeted two factor Chemo regimen consisting of oral doses of
a steroid called  Dexamethasone, which is given to cancer patients
undergoing chemotherapy, to counteract certain side-effects
of their treatment.
It’s also used in hematological malignancies, especially in the
treatment of multiple myeloma, in which dexamethasone is given alone
or together with thalidomide (thal-dex) or lenalidomide.
There may also be a daily aspirin regimen to combat potential clotting
issues and something like Prilosec to tone down the acid production
that’s normally a consequence of the steroid,
Once all the paperwork is out of the way he’ll go on weekly doses of
the drug (with every fourth week off) and weekly doses of the steroid.
He’s also NOT a fan of Fosimax, especially when combined with the
chemo. He is instead prescribing monthly IV based (half hour) treatments
with something else (I didn’t get the name) that apparently works up
to twice as fast with no worse side effects  I also think this gets him into
their offices once a month for follow-up, which sounds like a good thing.
By the end of our three hours Lee was hurting since we hadn’t thought
to being any pills…

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3 thoughts on “Report from the Oncologist….via Mike

  1. I have MM. Treated in 2005. not much fun, but I did get better. There is hope. You are not alone. All of us survivors are with you. And, God will walk every step with you if you will go to Him and ask.

    1. Thanks MM for your kind thoughts. We’re all looking forward to getting my dad on chemo to knock the cancer down!

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