Holiday Cards? Again?

Every year, since art reintroduced itself back into my life, I contemplate card designs for the winter holiday. The first design, about 10 yrs ago, was a block print on uncooperative wood. The next year was some uneventful snowflakes, silk screened on card stock. Another year it was a collaborative card with Dave, moving parts and flip-up sections. Last year was probably the nicest image combining watercolors and a lino block print. With everything thats occurred in the past couple of months, I figured this year cards probably could be purchased from a favorite artist Lynn Russel. Support a local artist! Yes! An excellent idea!

Here we are on December 1 and somehow my brain shifted gears towards creating a card.   I told myself “NO, I don’t have to do cards this year! No one is twisting my arm for a batch. It’s OK to NOT produce.” There are even eye witnesses out there, mainly family, who heard me make these comments. But what did I do yesterday? Design a card. What did I do this morning? Order more blank cards that can stand up to watercolors and printing ink. They were 40% off which helped cover shipping costs. Hell of a deal! Plus winter is an excellent time for printmaking. What better time to work with brightly colored inks indoors while its gray and rainy outside.

At least I have positive energy flowing towards the project at this point. Ask me again in a week and the story might change. Today I’ll finalize the design and figure out how many colors to use. Trying to go for simple with the least registration problems as possible. Guess my brain needed a new puzzle to figure out and this should fit.

Plus if I MAKE the cards, then Dave can WRITE them!


Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Holiday Cards? Again?

  1. Yay! I LOVE your cards and would have been heartbroken had I not gotten one this year. You card last year is my favorite card I have ever received. I look forward to receiving this one!

    1. Last year’s card was special. This year is simple and not complex. When things get going, I’ll post some progress images. Just don’t look at them until after you receive your finished card! 😉

      1. Now you know I’m a simple girl at heart so I will be so excited because it came from you. Just as you will be excited by the simple mass produced cards I always send out. 🙂

      2. You always choose lovely cards! Especially those that help good groups like the Assistance League of Corvallis. Jan R.D. always makes such a fun card for their cause.

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