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Late yesterday afternoon I popped open my email account before heading to the Ag. opening. There it was, the response to the Artist in Residence for The Arts Center………unanimous approval from the jury for my proposal. What an honor!!! I’ll be sharing the space with 3 other amazing women. Two of them will be drawing from photos. The other artist is coming up from Arizona to do a mosaic sculptures.

The entire month of July will be filled with this project. Organizing and planning is my next step. This will be the first large scale sculpture I’ve been able to create and I’m looking forward to the space (and no dogs or cats getting in the way!). I’ll certainly try to keep you posted on prep over the next couple of months.

Here is a photo taken by friends (Patrick Hadlock) at the Art About Agriculture open. Loved my “wrinkle less” linen top. Obviously it DOES wrinkle. Bummer! Still looking frumpy.

Shelley Curtis did a fabulous job with the works and organizing everything. A big thinks to Hester Coucke, I couldn’t have done it without her nomination. Hester, you’re the best!

Please click on Art About Agriculture for show information.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Artists @ Work

  1. Looking pretty fab to me, Gale! Do you know the name of the Arizona mosaic artist? Curious if it’s a name I might know through SAMA?

  2. Hey Gale,

    I was in cleaning La Sells today and couldn’t help but point out your work to the assembled mass of co-workers that I had. Who in turn ooh-ed and ahh-ed. Of course one of them joked that whoever made those must possess all of the family skills (leaving none of the rest of us). Kudos to your work Gale.


    1. Ahh Bryant, I think you received the skills too, but just haven’t pulled it out of your hat yet. Now you did receive the “gift of gab” from your father…. I’m pretty sure that will take you quite far in life!
      Glad you got to see the show. 🙂

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