Artists@Work: Day 1

It was our first of many work days ahead in the month of July for the four artists involved in the Artists@Work exhibit.

Below are some of the images from my work space and co-workers.

This is a shot of my “studio space” surrounded by a few of my works. I brought in a charcoal drawing of rosehips,  gut & wire bug conversation, pod lamp and my maquette for the corner. Kind of sparse feeling but eventually my sculpture will take over the right corner.

Me standing next to the Pod Lamp.

Dave was kind enough to drive me in today. We hit Robnett’s hardware store for more wire supplies and cleared them out of 19 gauge stock. I managed to get a good start on a 6′ section of branch today. The tables I’m working on in the below photo are 6′ and the armature certainly extends past that point. A second limb jutting off the main branch was just getting started when we reached 5pm. My technique is slow and sloppy looking at the moment. I’m mainly trying to get the forms created quickly so they can be “fleshed out” with the paper skin.  Still contemplating lighting the main branch section with outdoor LED strips. Just not certain at this point.

Elaine Green occupies the East section across from my space. She is an incredible artist working in charcoal for this exhibit. I can’t wait for her to really get going on her drawings of people. Today she held a “blind drawing” tutorial at 2pm. Only a few folks came to participate, but we all really enjoyed ourselves! Blind drawings are always fun to create and humorous to look at & decipher. However,  Elaine is quite good at keeping the connection between her eyes and pencil so that the image really does look like what she’s observing. You’ll need to check the Art Center’s website for shots taken by resident photographer Bill Laing.

One of Elaine’s works below. Elaine Green: charcoal drawing

Julia Lont is situated just north of my space.  She works in oil, photo transfer, collage and egg tempera. I can’t believe I didn’t get a shot of her great community clothesline project.  I promise to get one on day 2. Anyway, Julia will be working on her photo transfer collages with egg tempera that she makes on site. Very exciting! She was grinding pigments in preparation for day 2. The eggs she will be using are fresh from her own hens.  Wow, actually putting your pets to good use… something I should consider!

Julia Lont oil painting of a pea pod. Yummy colors Julia!

Kendal Hathaway  will be arriving on July 5th so mosaic techniques and photos will have to wait.

By the days end my feet hurt from standing, fingers and thumb pads ached, mentally tired and very ready to go home. We had 14 folks come through to check out the show.  It was a perfect way to start off this exhibit.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Artists@Work: Day 1

    1. I think changing shoes will make a big difference plus sitting on my well padded ass helps too. Feeling a lot better tonight after day 2. Fingers not so pained, feet not uncomfortable feeling. Now if I could just get the house as cool as the Arts Center…. I would be rather happy!

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