Artists@Work: Day 2

Kendal joined into our group today and it’s a pleasure to have her! The gallery finally feels full now. It’s funny to see people’s responses to the show. Most folks don’t even want to venture into the space even though there are big signs saying “Please come in!” People are expecting that the exhibit is getting installed and don’t want to interrupt. Who would expect working artists on site? Pictured below is Kendal who arrived from Arizona last night.

Day 2 images from Julia & Elaine’s progress

Julia Lont: Two beautiful works utilizing her photo transfer method and egg tempera mixed on site!

Elaine Green had several subjects pose for her. Local art celeb Bill Shumway was her first. She had Bill strike a couple of poses for her camera then set to work sketching.

And one more of Elaine’s wall images

So where did I manage to get today? Not quite as far as hoped, but something is resting on the wall waiting for tomorrow!

The next two images are of the sculpture with the start of a branching structure. It had been growing over the 4 hrs of work today and I just needed to get it hanging to figure out the next step. It also got me wondering if I would be able to support the work well enough when leaves & flowers are attached.

Looking at it makes me think of some organic tentacled creature, maybe a hydra, growing from the wall.  So, it has quite a ways to go. I did get two steel wires strung corner to corner to assist branch support. Don’t really like it but it will have to do for now.

Tomorrow! I can’t wait to get going on it again and figure out some of my problems. More branches of varying sizes to be created &  attached to those already in place.  It’s like a giant mystery that requires solving and it will bug me until it does. Oh, that reminds me about a bug who came visiting….

This little guy/gal rode into the center on a visitor. A young girl noticed it and the father said it was a stone fly. I’ll take his word for it. It hung out on my sculpture for a little while then moved on.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Artists@Work: Day 2

  1. Yikes watching you made my arms hurt. Hope you can bring in a ladder so you’re not working overhead so much…(smile) The stonefly photo is great.

    1. There is a nice 6′ ladder at the AC but the students in the Globetrotter class happen to be using it to create a tree. Most likely the wire monster will come down to have more arms attached!
      I’ll probably post the stonefly image to FB so the Insects in Art group can see it. 🙂
      Good seeing you yesterday!

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