Welcome October!

September is gone. Scratched from the calendar with joyful glee! What a hellish month that was. Sorry, but the details will not make it to this page.

October is now upon us with the feeling of fall. Rain. I’ve forgotten how noisy it can be, especially when one is out walking dogs in the woods. We depend on being able to hear beasty boy Moby running a muck through the brush but the rain kills those sounds. Oh well, he always seems to come back.

October 1 was noted by the entry of a new life into the world. Dustin came forth via c-section, after many hours of labor. Congratulations to Deb & Andrew Stahlke!

Leaves are starting to change around home and fields ploughed.

Droopy Ponderosa Pine needles.

Plumeria is wanting to bloom… but will it?

The dogs are surviving the weather shift. Muddy floors to come and I’m not thrilled about that.

Moby watching out dining room window

George on his comfy(?) non-padded floor.

Our favorite dog house guest Maggie. Her parents went surfing in CA for the weekend. Unfortunately, I think picked up some flea bites from our place.

Dave will be officially shifting his position at work and it’s about time! He’s also going to take a vacation break! Hurray!!! That means the two of us will be tackling the downstairs bathroom dilemma. I’ll also need to get my act going for the Portals show plus pulling product together for an ETSY account. October is THE month to get it going!

Photos to come of art projects…


Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Welcome October!

    1. Chris, are you a weather wimp? I thought all your years in monsoons & flooding would make Oregon weather a cinch!

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