Public Art: Boise Style

I always feel fortunate when the opportunity arises to visit a larger city outside my normal stomping grounds. One thing that always shines is the public art. There were many works to visit and only a few captured by camera as we wandered around on First Thursday.

Amy Nack provided Rose and I with a general direction to explore. Our main destination was the “Modern” where a once a year art event takes place in cramped hotel rooms. Ever seen metal sculptures displayed in a shower? How about an artist resting in a bathtub as you look at prints taped to the bathroom walls? Beds covered in slabs of wet clay? Those were just a snippit of what we experienced. Some artists paid for several nights to set up full room installations with rolled up cardboard and twinkle lights. All in all, an interesting and overstimulating experience. Not one for people who don’t like crowds.


I did manage to get a shot or two of the happenings outside. Music, drinking and lots of happy people!


Wandering around downtown Boise, one can encounter the brightly dressed traffic control boxes. I loved them! What a great way to get flat art out onto something dimensional! The magic of vinyl coverings….

street art birds
I didn’t see the name on this work but I could assume it had something to do with Tentacles and Tanagers…

One of my favorites was right next to Wingtip Press!

The hills around Boise with a Labrador. I loved it!
The hills around Boise with a Labrador. I loved it!
Side view of traffic light control box.
Side view of traffic light control box.

One of the artists in our class Lisa Flowers Ross had participated in the public art boxes. Please check her website for images of her 2 public artworks. The photo I took of her piece was horrible. Please, check her site!

There were several alley ways with public art. This one had an enormous ceramic tile mosaic.


I didn’t get an image or video of the musical light posts or all the incredible graffiti work in some of the alleys. Oh, and the river piece…  Maybe on my next visit.

Personally, I think my local towns need to think about the covered traffic boxes…. Corvallis?

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