Childhood art

A felt marker drawing I created as a child.
A felt marker drawing I created as a child.

An odd thing about cleaning out the home you grew up in is discovering art work produced by all 4 siblings. Sometimes you don’t even realize you produced it until older siblings step in and say,”yes, you made that”.  In my dad’s studio were several works created by various small children over the years. My brother Tom had created a fabulous watercolor horse, several works were represented by various grandchildren and then the mystery work that apparently was created by me. There was some story about looking at a birthday card and drawing the image with felt markers.  My dad framed it and had it hanging in the basement workspace and then eventually it moved into the studio upstairs when he took over an empty bedroom.

It’s touching to see what both my mother and father saved from our childhood, from cards to drawings to lots of ceramics. Oh my,  we were a productive bunch! All 4 of us continue that productivity in some way or another. Oldest bro is into music, big sister is a textile nut, the other brother… well, I’m not certain what he’s into, and me creating what ever strikes my fancy. Kind of an odd bunch, but it works. 🙂

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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