Long Pod

long pod

Another one ready for the big studio tour.  Still working out the kinks with the hanging system, but I think prototype #4 is a possible winner.

I feel like it’s crunch time for getting things ready and I’m a bit distressed at how little studio time will happen this week due to several things going on in Eugene. And then there are people trying to drag me off next weekend (meaning absolutely no work). Yes, that would be the weekend prior to the event.  I just don’t think my friends understand how this all works. Are they thinking I’m so organized that I’ll have everything accomplished by the weekend???  Plus set up at Judith’s studio is on the 23rd. Oh yes, that cuts time down even shorter. I’m still in design process for dealing with a couple of things.  I personally would love a weekend without dogs & husband so I can just do my thing.  Maybe if I keep my fingers crossed it will happen!

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

10 thoughts on “Long Pod

    1. 🙂 so true!
      I had someone this last weekend really question what was going on inside my brain…. I wonder about that too.

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