Portland Quickie


On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to join my art friends in Portland for a little gallery hopping and a girl’s night out. We stayed at a condo joint-owned by two of the friends. They have a spectacular view of the Steel Bridge on the Willamette River.


Our main mission was to visit  Waterstone Gallery where our friend Susan Johnson was having her final show. Susan is retiring after many many years in this great space.  On our walk there, we passed by 3 or 4 of these cool sculptures. They are solar powered and have a great glow. Very reminiscent of carnivorous plants.


For some reason I never pulled out the camera at any of the gallery locations. Horrible of me! Susan’s show was fabulous. We also had the opportunity to see Rick Bartow’s work at the Froelick Gallery. Rick happened to be dropping off 3 large canvases while we were there. It was great to hear him talk about these new works. We also went to Blue Sky gallery. I really enjoyed the photographs by David Nadel of the burned forests in Northern Montana. Please click on all 3 gallery names to see the current shows.


Jamison Square was beautifully lit and had a great Christmas tree in the center. I really enjoyed all the small trees with white lights.  It was a beautiful view looking out from our dinner location.


Our trip back to the condo took us by the train station. It was so empty and cold! By morning, the temp was down to 19 F ( -7 C). Did I mention we’re experiencing a bit of chilly weather? Snow expected on Friday….


Sunrise through the Steel Bridge on the Willamette River.

After a leisurely breakfast, we wondered over to Oblation Paper…. Oh, what a happy place filled with so many cards, ribbons, letterpress, paper and more paper!

Oblation paper

There are several water towers perched above buildings in the Pearl District. These caught my eye since I didn’t grow up with them, nor do we have them where I live now.


That’s all for now. Getting ready for the weather shift tomorrow (how much snow will really fall in our area?). The dogs all survived a night without me. Maybe I should leave more often!

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Portland Quickie

    1. Can’t wait to see the pix from dinner. Wish I had taken more, especially of Susan. Oh well! I was enjoying the moment!
      Thanks for letting us stay at your place!

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