Texture and Paint

Currently, my normal studio space is swamped with tools, boxes, washer & dryer, more tools, tile, and extra stuff making it extremely difficult to get anything done. All part of remodeling woes!  I almost can’t remember the downstairs bathroom being a functioning finished space. Slowly, it’s coming together.  Below are a couple of shots of the progress.


After several false starts, we finally got the texture mix correct and the walls received a good coating.

And then a uniform paint color! Yippee!!!




Washer and dryer moved back in after 3 weeks. Finally I can do laundry at home again. Next up are the tub walls and then the tile floor.

Once the bathroom is completed, I might be able to reclaim my studio space. Maybe by January I can get my space back. 🙂

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Texture and Paint

    1. I really like the flush mount too. We had to do lots of plumbing shifts but fortunately everything was fully open at that point. PEX is pretty forgiving stuff. Can’t wait to get the remaining tile work done so a toilet can be set!!! Good luck with your remodel!!!
      The garage door comes next week!

    1. Good luck! Let me guess, blocking holes where Sparta & Ming’s furry house guests go to die? I hope it goes smoothly and doesn’t last into the new year!

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