Bone chilling temperatures are not part of our typical winter vocabulary here in the  Willamette Valley. Our normal December highs are in the mid 40’s, lows in the mid 30’s. Over the past 10 days we’ve been below freezing (day and night) with several nights reaching low single digits and even sub temps. Tuesday was the first day to reach 32F here in Albany!

With the chilly temps and snow, yes we did receive just over 3″ of powder here at my home (plus lots of ice below everything), we are enjoying most of the experience. The dogs have been in heaven! Dogs + Snow = fun! Our garage finally started to freeze Saturday morning which prompted removal of the felines to a warm space. Meme is in kitty bliss, settling in to her new comfy, warm, protected digs. Nigel is plain old pissed! Ok, he does enjoy extra snuggle time with me, plus access to all their great toys and catnip, but he continues to howl and complain for extended lengths of time. Nothing is ever right for both cats.

Here are a smattering of snow photos

Thursday night sunset with moon.


Friday morning snow. The dogs had a blast!


Moby with his snow beard


Zeek really enjoys the white stuff.




Ponderosa on Wednesday morning.


Snow on it’s way out on Wednesday


Monday morning frost pattern on car window


Reggie still enjoying himself outside on Wednesday.

deck reggie

Cosmos flower with frost Wednesday morning


Possible freezing rain to come tomorrow as the temps start to rise. Maybe I can get my car out of the driveway this afternoon…


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    1. I was hoping things would work out for your class. Bummer about the cancellation! Thank goodness the snow is finally leaving!

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