The creature…

from the mud lagoon appeared in the yard today. Ya never know what you’ll find after the snow melts.


Oh my, he has interesting feet…


He looks awful happy… should I bring him inside??? Just look at those cute mud dreadlocks hanging from his face!!!


Now the realization sets in that he’s up S***T creek or maybe that’s BATH creek. How the heck do I move him from here to the shower without getting the mud everywhere?


How many more months of winter do we have left???

I think I need a big shot of rum to get through this one. The bathroom will never be the same.


Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

10 thoughts on “The creature…

    1. Fortunately, Zeek was the only one who dove into the mud today. It’s not part of Reggie or Moby’s repertoire. Thank goodness.
      I’m procrastinating cleaning the bathroom now…. Thank goodness it’s the old one that needs work.

    1. I still have to scrub the walls down. Probably should have done it last night. I think we’ll end up painting and replacing quite a few things in this house before winter’s end. Compost bin will be moved TODAY! That’s what he’s been digging at. Glad things have defrosted enough…
      Darn dogs!

  1. Great blog, loved the photos particularly when he realised he was in trouble. I have seen that look on my own many times. Thank goodness it doesn’t get to cold to hose the dogs off outside here, I can imagine the bathroom. Karen

    1. The remaining bathroom chores will be accomplished today. Yes, it would have been nice to hose him off outside but things are not set up for that, especially after such freezing temps. Something to consider for the future….
      14 months left with these boys…

  2. SO funny … but I feel the pain Lol … these conditions are so very taxing for us dog owners 😉
    He looks an amazing boy !

    1. The “noodle-doodles” are only with us for the next 14 months. I’m counting down the days until their mom returns from NZ. Oh, the things we do for very good friends…

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