The computer models said we might be in the path of snow, but do we ever believe the weather folks? They were right this time.  It started this morning and hasn’t let up yet. Our temp is around 22F (-5C) and we’ve accumulated over 5.25″ (13 cm ) of snow.  I realize it’s just a drop in the bucket compared to other parts of the country, but it’s big for us. The dogs are enjoying it and dragging in loads of snowballs to gently melt on the carpet. Oh, how I love those furry guys and the gifts they bring in. *Sigh*

Below are 2 photos taken 1.5 hours apart. I had just put out a new bird feeder (top photo) at 8:30 am and was pretty impressed at the snow accumulation (bottom photo) by 10 am. Sure glad to make the little guys so happy. I probably should have stocked up on more food for us!

snowbirds snowbirds2

The dogs have been loving it!

feb snow1

feb snow2

I’ll probably be taking more pix as the day progresses. We don’t get snow like this very often and certainly not twice in one winter! This has already piled on more than we had back in December and it’s expected to continue all day and possibly into tomorrow. I wonder how I’ll get to work tomorrow….

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19 thoughts on “Snow

    1. Normally the snow hits south or north of us and we only receive a scant inch or so.
      I’m not getting a darn thing done today. Too much fun to sit and watch all the birds. Moby keeps crashing into the window trying to attack the ones next to the house. Silly dog!

    1. I know the crew is there working today. I’m without a car until Saturday since Dave is using it for his snowy commute. 🙂
      Hope you’re enjoying the sunny beaches of Maui!

    1. He and MeMe have been snuggled on their heated beds out in the garage. If he were indoors, he would be watching all the birds on the deck (aka Kitty TV). Moby happens to be enjoying that part for him. 🙂

    1. We can always depend on some snow during the month of February. We hit 10″ as of this morning and more seems to be in today’s forecast. I heard Portland has been getting quite a bit too.

      1. 10! Woah! We have an accumulation here, and are getting more now. Did try out the roads, but have a little hill here to start up. Won’t be too navigable later.

      2. Oh, joy.

        Today I walked two miles through the snow to my coffee shop. And then had to walk the two miles back. Took a less hilly route back…

  1. Love all these snow photos, so jealous as we never get snow here and we are in the middle of another heat wave, it will be 40c today! We will be wetting our dogs down to keep them cool. Karen in Australia

    1. 40C?! Oh my goodness that’s toasty! Stay cool and keep your pooches happy too.
      I would gladly send you some of the white stuff, but I don’t think it will ship well. 😉
      You should go to Tasmania and get a snow dose during winter.

    1. It has been a fun treat and the dogs are having a blast! Unfortunately, they have yet to learn proper etiquette on paw wiping upon coming back through the dog door. My feet are always wet!

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