Out of town break


Sometimes you just need to get away with friends. Especially those that take you to art stores! We had a “art gals” day in McMinnville to visit a few galleries and spend an enormous amount of time combing through the Merri Artist, an art supply store. I have to admit a lot of my supplies come via online shopping because we have no decent supply source in Corvallis, Albany or anywhere! There is a lovely shop I visit in Eugene, and another in Salem, but McMinnville has one of the best! Ok, they do fall short in interesting decorative papers, but that might change. If you are a painter, you would love it! I adore looking at all the little things, colors, nibs, foil, encaustic, paper, canvases, paints, pencils…. I think you understand. Some people love shopping for clothes, I love shopping for art supplies. Somehow I managed to practice restrained purchasing, leaving with only paper needed for more lamps and this lovely 3 pack of Moleskine blank journals. I’ve been wanting something small and easy to take around for sketches and notes. Looks like I’ll be set for a little while.  A big thanks to Carol Chapel, Donna Beverly & Joey Azul for making it such a lovely day!

Ok, now back to work. 😦

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Out of town break

    1. We did get one friend to purchase a very nice jacket. With our cool weather, it will look great on her at tonight’s reception! Peer pressure made her do it!
      Of course, with art supplies we were all purchasing like crazy!

    1. Oh, and looking at all those organized rows of paint tubes and loads and loads of brushes of all types. Ahhhh, bliss! 🙂

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