Aperitif and winding down


Is it really only January 2? It feels like more time has already passed since yesterday. Probably something to do with waking up at 4 am and not getting back to sleep. I spent an hour of my morning in the dentist chair, cringing at a teeth cleaning. It would have been more comfortable if I hadn’t spent the last couple of weeks ill. Now my teeth are ready to chomp into the next 6 months. Today I also spent almost 2 hours with my brother Tom. I witnessed him tie shoe laces, pull on a sweatshirt, eat some of the dinner I brought from last night’s left-over creation, get really pissed off at one of the therapist who wanted to enter his room while he was on the commode. I’ve not told him that he’s constantly under supervision via room cameras. It would cause even more negativity to the surrounding situation. They are still looking for a facility or foster home to take him on for the next couple of months as he gets stronger.
Since it is Friday, we decided to have a margarita. A quick sketch hadn’t been attempted today, so I chose the glass across from me. The pint glass is part of our “Dead Guy Ale” collection (Rogue Brewery). The margarita was mainly a mix and not freshly squeezed (which happens to be the best!). Dinner was a new recipe for coconut milk shrimp. Not too bad, but lacked spices. I managed to alter things enough to brighten and add a bit of heat. Yum!

Off for a little comfort TV and to bed!

And yes, this was created on the iPad program called Sketches.


Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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