The Zen of Nigel

This morning Nigel happened to be stretched across the back of the couch, sleeping on Dave’s shorts. I wanted to do something to capture his zen happiness. The sketchbook was downstairs along with all my tools but the ipad was already in my grasp. So I went with it. Happy cat and a very quickContinue reading “The Zen of Nigel”

Aperitif and winding down

Is it really only January 2? It feels like more time has already passed since yesterday. Probably something to do with waking up at 4 am and not getting back to sleep. I spent an hour of my morning in the dentist chair, cringing at a teeth cleaning. It would have been more comfortable ifContinue reading “Aperitif and winding down”

Boxing Day

Not quite what most people think of for Boxing Day, but this has been the main box in my life right now. Yes, it’s a tissue box and almost empty. I’ve been ill for over a week, high temp and a massive goober-snot factory. Fortunately I received a good piece of entertainment for Christmas. I’veContinue reading “Boxing Day”