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Wood Violet_GaleEverettStudio

Finally my brain is ready to start experimenting with a new project. It will involve copious amounts of cut paper, mounted onto translucent paper and set into wooden boxes. It will also involve spending more time out in the forest doing a bit of research. Today was a testing day. I needed to determine a better paper than the thin black Canson I normally cut and how it will hold up with adding acrylic ink washes. The experiment landed on Arches 140# (300gm) watercolor, CP, and it did extremely well for colored ink addition (not at all surprising!)  Now I’ll figure out if it can handle the mounting and framing process. I also need to figure out if my fingers can handle the work. Time will tell. Lots of figuring and more figuring to come!

The above cut is of a wood violet, with unopened flower. It’s not a design that will make the final project, but it is forest related. The outer dimensions are 4″x 4″ (10cm x 10cm). This is way too small for the piece to come. The smallest work will be 8″x 8″ and move up in size from there. The ink used was a Prussian Blue. For the project, it will change to some sort of dark brown with green.

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9 thoughts on “Starting something new

    1. No cutting machine at this time, just my fingers and the blade. I figure this work will need to be hand cut. The sizes will vary widely and exceed the limitations of a machine. Hopefully I’ve got enough time to keep my fingers out of trouble. What I need is to start work on Cathe’s book! 😀

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for commenting again. I use an x-acto blade holder that’s like a thick pencil. Some paper artists use more of a scalpel style. I don’t know what’s easier to use on hands. I purchased mine back while at university and haven’t changed. The thing that makes a big difference is how often you change blades.
      Sharp blades =happy fingers!
      I really appreciate your current print topic. The changes happening along the estuaries and oceans needs more emphasis. Hopefully it will help highlight the negative changes occurring due to human stupidity. Keep it going! Thanks for following my blog.

    1. Your book is getting attention today. I’ve had to give my hands a break from cutting (plus 2 days of work trying to straighten/clean/paint the garage). I’m just going in search of my other skulls….. 🙂 Glad you made it home safe and sound!

      1. I’ve been working on ideas on my end too every night after work. I took tons of inspirational pictures in Paris to feed my brain. I’m ready to get going again!

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