Party Animal

Happy Birthday Rosie

Today is the birthday of an amazing artist, Rosie Scribblah. She posts daily sketches of her life in Swansea Wales. If you’ve not visited her site, click HERE. We’ve been blog friends for many years and actually spent a week together at Wingtip Press in Boise Idaho. She taught a multiple day workshop on Manier Noir drawing and Monotype Prints. Anyway, she is a huge inspiration and I adore her work (and cats too!). Nigel wanted to wish her a very happy day. I can’t imagine trying to get a cat to wear a party hat, so I placed one on his head in this image. He’s such a party animal!

Happy Birthday Rosie!

Micron pen, watercolors, A5 watercolor sketchbook

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

3 thoughts on “Party Animal

  1. Rosie’s work is great and she is so productive! I found your blog via Rosie’s, so I am grateful to her for that too. From the look on Nigel’s face I don’t think you would ever get a party hat on him for real!

    1. Oh so true! But she has pointed out an etsy site that makes fezzes for kitties! How awesome is that!😄

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