Digitalis Seedpods

digitalis seedpods

Oh so close! The final drawing is coming together. Yes, I’m ashamed to say I’m still working on Karen’s book. Things in life have piled up causing artistic momentum to falter. Mini vacation, family crap, more family crap and more stuff that clouded my brain. At least I’m not in an arm brace after a jarring rock encounter in the kayak. It bruised the heck out of the bone. Pain and limited movement for about 12 hours, then it settled down. But no resting the giant goose egg on any surface! Yowza! The next outing will be much better and NOT involve the dog. Unless we take the canoe…. and that would bring up a whole new kettle of worm to deal with.

Gale Kayak


The book should leave the house tomorrow morning to Minnesota and Cathe’s waiting hands! I’ll post the final images at that time.


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6 thoughts on “Digitalis Seedpods

    1. The drawing is complete and I’m wrapping up the project (doing my writing at the end). Tomorrow it will head off to Cathe! Yippee!! And then I can finally open Anna’s and look at everyone’s pages!
      The remainder of the weekend was spent doing chores at the coast house. There is always something pressing to work through!

  1. Wow Gale, you are extremely busy. I still feel really guilty sending you Anna’s book before you had a chance to finish Karen’s. After my wine spill I really felt i would have another indecent if I didn’t move the book along.

    The page you show is stunning! I look forward to seeing it!

    I hope your arm heals quickly, sounds very painful. A kayak and a dog….did I get that right?

    1. The kayak trip only involved one person out in the boat at a time. No Mr Moby in the boat, but he was fascinated by everything going on. It’s possible we might be able to train him to sit in a canoe, but that might be a few years off yet.
      No worries about sending Anna’s book early. It’s in a safe zone of the studio (one where I can find it). I’m looking forward to finally seeing it in person once everything else gets sorted out today.
      Hope it was tasty wine you added to the book mix!😄

  2. These pods are just delicious – great shape and form. You do have a busy life, but it is good you can get out and about every now and then – despite damaging yourself! Hope the arm is improving!

    1. I had always wanted to do a drawing of them and this was the perfect chance to dive in. Seems like that’s something I’ve done quite a bit of with this project, trying things that are totally new. The arm is improving but looking uglier as the bruise coloration changes. Maybe a little printmaking today… at least a start on something!

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