Patterns in Nature – Forests

book cover_KarenBaileyBook

I can finally reveal Karen Bailey’s book at this time! It’s a subject that really grabbed me from the start, since I do a bit of forest work already, but had the most difficult time figuring out what to contribute. Basically, too many ideas! Above is the outer cover of the book created by Karen. The cover was hand-colored and she added the beautiful designs.

front page_KarenBaileybook

The first page now holds 3 artist’s work. Karen created the whimsical fiddle heads in the lower left corner and Anna the elegant leaf and flower cluster. The salamander was my contribution.

karen bailey_KarenBaileybook

Karen’s spread is of a liverwort (no, not liverwurst!). I love all the undulating edges and negative space. I tried to explain what a liverwort was to my husband and said “you know, a Bryophyte”. Then I second guessed the terminology. Was it really a bryophyte, or is that a term for something else? I googled it and I was actually correct. Sometimes those scientific names actually stick in the brain, not that they’re of much use anymore.

anna warren_KarenBailey book

Anna created a beautiful graphite drawing of wavy shelf fungus. So delicate and a strong image.

gale everett_karens book

I added a watercolor of a plant that shows up in disturbed soils. Scouler’s Corydalis had lovely elliptical leaves.

joint spread_KarenBaileybook

The joint spread starts with Karen’s fern in the lower left corner. Anna created the beautiful red seedpods. I added my rendition of the seedpods on a stalk of Fox Glove (Digitalis). Now it’s up to Cathe to finish off the page!

back page_KarenBaileyBook

And finally the back page where we add our comments!

Anna’s book  has been waiting patiently in the studio while Karen’s book received it’s last touches. Once I send the Forest book off, I’ll finally open the last book! Something fun to look forward to tomorrow.


To see the work of the other three artists please click the links below. I linked the start of each book created. You can figure the rest out on your own. 🙂

Karen Bailey- Karen Bailey Studio (Occasional Artist) – Australia (VIC)

Anna Warren- Anna Warren Portfolio – Australia (NSW)

Cathe Jacobi- Amaryllis Log – USA (Minnesota)

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

10 thoughts on “Patterns in Nature – Forests

    1. I’ve officially sent off the book. Now I can open the final one and see what everyone else has created! 😄

    1. Me too Cathe! One more book to go. I’ll be sad to end this particular collaboration. It’s been nice to have all three of you come to the studio via your art. 🙂

  1. How splendid to see how my book is progressing, your additions are just lovely Gale and work in with the theme so well. It is so exciting to see it nearly finished and filled with such great art work. I am getting excited by the thought it will be back with me in a few months and I can see the drawings in person. Thank you so much for your contributions, they are really special! Karen

    1. Each book is so different but connected by all 4 artists. I too am looking forward to the final touches. Too bad we don’t live closer so we could share the books together over a glass of wine. Thank you for allowing me to join the fun. It’s been an amazing drawing experience, pushing me to a different level of confidence! 🙂

  2. I love what you have done Gale, each drawing such a thoughtful and beautiful addition. Its great to scroll through and see how the pages relate to one another. With each book I have been astonished and impressed that the work of the four of us all mesh so beautifully. I am steadily working my way through yours, and look forward to see what you do with mine!

    1. I’ll out doing some sketches to prep for your pages this weekend. I was going to open your book last night, but the timing wasn’t right. Looks like it will be on Saturday when things are calmer.

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